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About Us

As with any new business idea, we started while we were renovating our own home and were looking for the right handles/knobs to accessorize and beautify our carpentry in our kitchen, toilets and bedrooms.  We wanted some exquisite designs and materials that will have everlasting match to the colours of our carpentry. 


We sourced from various suppliers around the region and were fortunate enough to find what we wanted.  We decided to bring our experience of sourcing to help homeowners, IDs, Contractors and Carpenters to accessorize their carpentry so that their designs bring out their personality and character.  And the idea of KnobsVerse was borned......

Professional Team

We are a small team.  We offer advice and solutions by understanding the needs of our clients and partners.  We keep ourselves lean so that we are efficient and responsive.

Quality Materials

We ensure that our products are of good quality material so our clients get a long-lasting end-products for their carpentry designs.

Industry Expertise

Our small team offers solutions and advice on latest trends in the products that we offer.  Through our experiences, we hope to provide sound advices to our clients and partners.

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